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With 17+ years of experience, we've worked with various size
companies in the GTA & Southern Ontario

Since 2006, we have been building our reputation as one of Toronto's top resources for web design, with hundreds of beautiful websites and a portfolio full of web design, development, and SEO success stories. We're more than just web designers; we're thinkers, innovators, and strategists and are determined to help your business reach its online goals.

There are thousands of web design companies in Canada, but there is only one Silentblast.

What we do

We are not your average web designers. We are not interested in building a website that won't survive the open waters of the internet. We build websites that not only survive but thrive. Our clients' trust has consistently been earned with our down-to-earth honesty and our 15+ years of experience in the industry. Our small team fosters long-term, collaborative relationships with our clients through Website Design and Development, World-Class Maintenance, and Digital Strategies that achieve results.

What we believe

We believe in open collaboration, clear communication, and creating memorable user experiences that help your business stand out. Technology is ever-evolving, and so should your strategy.  We believe in partnering with our clients and establishing long-term healthy relationships that stand the test of time.  We think we're the agency to help you tell your story.

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Meet the founders of silentblast


Antonio Navarrete

Creative Director / Web Consultant

Allow me to introduce myself – I'm Antonio Navarrete, a Creative Director and Web Consultant with a special knack for crafting winning digital strategies for my valued clients. My journey is deeply rooted in sales and marketing, and I've been navigating the digital landscape since Google's early days. I'm a true hybrid in this industry, seamlessly blending Design, Marketing, and SEO to whip up the secret sauce of success. I'm not just your average web professional; I'm a digital craftsman who's passionate about the art of storytelling. In my book, a website isn't just a digital space; it's a canvas where your unique brand story comes to life. With my exceptional storytelling skills, I can weave a web narrative that reflects your brand's amazing journey.

In 2006, I took the bold step of founding Silentblast Inc., where I've been wearing multiple hats as a self-taught web designer, consultant, and strategist ever since. Over the years, I've guided numerous clients to online success, and I owe it all to my incredible team, esteemed colleagues, and loyal clientele. My commitment is unwavering – I'm here to ensure that everything I do is infused with excellence, creating a professional digital presence and a genuine reflection of your brand's unique story. With my expertise and experience, you can trust that I'll be your partner in taking your business to the next level.


Elizabeth Santarita

Digital Content Strategist / Project Manager

I am Elizabeth Santarita, a Digital Content Strategist and Project Manager and one of the partners at Silentblast.

In my role at Silentblast, I thrive on blending creativity with strategy to guide projects to success and craft compelling digital content. I'm deeply committed to achieving excellence in everything I do, helping clients and teams meet their digital objectives. My expertise lies in developing innovative content strategies that drive engagement and efficiently managing projects from start to finish.

As a partner at Silentblast, I bring a wealth of experience and a strong dedication to achieving outstanding results, continuously staying at the forefront of digital trends and technologies. My unique combination of strategic vision, project management skills, and passion for captivating content makes me a vital asset in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

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