WordPress Care Plans

World-class WordPress hosting, security, maintenance & support.

Leave the technical stuff to us.

Our WordPress website support & maintenance service plans provide not only peace of mind but also support for any technical issues that may arise with your website.  We want the main focus on your core business and valued customers - not on tedious maintenance or troubleshooting your website.

Why Choose Our Care Plans?

Lightning-fast hosting,
bulletproof security,
expert optimization and reliable support!


Our Platform

We use the best WordPress-optimized servers to guarantee stability 24/7 and lighting fast load speeds. We offer two types of environments - Standard and Cloud Performance servers, all hosted here in Canada.  

Our People

Our friendly, down-to-earth team comprises seasoned professionals and design, development, and technical support experts in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You can count on our professional guidance & integrity.
Call us at 416-900-0869.

Our Experience

We know what it takes to secure, maintain, and optimize your website for speed, stability, Google Ranking & exposure. Talk to us today, and let's discuss your business needs.

FREE Hosting Migrations!

Regardless of who built your WordPress website, we can protect & care for it.

Do you want to be happier with your current hosting provider?
Many businesses are stranded by their hosting company or unhappy with their current providers.
Our migration service takes care of that for FREE.

Basic Services & Features

All our plans come with these services and features.

All our services are done by our team right here in Toronto. We DO NOT outsource!

Canadian Website Hosting

Offering two types of Website Hosting Options.  Standard Managed Shared & Cloud Hosting. Located in Canada, with Data Centres in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Solid Website Security

We take security seriously. Our job is to ensure that your WordPress websites are safe from hackers, viruses & malware. We offer Brute force protection, file change protection, and much more.

WordPress Software Updates

All software must be updated, including the software that powers your website. Protecting your website from hackers and malware is critical by applying the latest updates for WordPress and its plugins.

Premium Plugins

Our Premium Plugins are purchased, licensed products that add invaluable functionality to your website, such as Page Builder -  A visual drag & drop editor included in our Care Plans!

Website Backups

We offer two types of website backups:
Local Server and Offsite Nightly backups. Creating and storing website backups is vital to your web strategy. Talk to us today for more details.

Customer Support

With hundreds of hosted websites under our belt and a rock-solid, stable environment, we're good at providing top-notch support for our clients. Don't believe us? Just ask them.

Malware Monitoring

Our servers are equipped with hardware and software that proactively monitor and protect your website from malware and other malicious threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No holidays or vacations!

SSL Certificate

SSL isn’t just for e-commerce anymore — it’s necessary for website security. Google gives SSL-enabled websites priority in search results. We include SSL with our Website Care Plans so you and your visitors feel safe.

Content Updates

Your time is valuable. We can provide limited or unlimited updates to your existing content (e.g. adding blog posts, replacing images, adding events, etc.). Call or email us; we're on your team.

There’s a 60% chance that one cyber attack can destroy your business.

With over a billion live websites out in the world, you might think the odds of a malicious actor attacking your site are unlikely. However not all sites are targeted.

Many WordPress attacks are with bots probing your site for vulnerabilities as they are looking for an entryway to attack you without human intervention.

Don't worry, we have you covered. 


Our Custom WordPress Dashboard

Our custom WordPress Dashboard has access to your care plan details and quick links to our client support and accounting portals. A Task request form is also available for you.

WordPress Care Plans & Pricing



This plan suits new businesses needing complete professional care and support.


  • Green Energy Hosting 
  • Weekly WordPress Plugin Updates
  • Premium Plugins *
  • Security Monitoring
  • Limited Content Updates


Best for growing businesses that need regular updates, performance, and strong security.


  • Green Energy Hosting 
  • Unlimited Content Updates **
  • Advanced Website Security
  • 2 Step Authentication
  • Page Speed Optimization


This plan focuses on enhanced features, support, speed and guaranteed uptime!


  • Enhanced Cloud Hosting 
  • Hacker Free Security Guarantee***
  • Basic SEO Optimization
  • Ultra Fast Image Optimization
  • Customized Reports

Pay Yearly And Save. Ask Us How!

* Premium Plugins are WordPress software-licensed products. These plugins add amazing functionality features to your website ( Approximately $2,500 Yearly Value in Software) - Applies to websites we've developed.
** Unlimited updates to your existing content (e.g. adding blog posts, images, events, etc.)
*** If your site is compromised, we’ll fix it at no extra cost.
**** Available during non-business hours for emergencies; weekend hourly rate applies to work completed during non-business hours after the first hour.

Packages and pricing are subject to change without notice.

Let us take care of your website,
so you can focus on your business.

From design and development to security, updates and optimization, we do all things WordPress.


Top reasons WordPress
websites are hacked.


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